F2 - [France] - issam_messi99 / Jaja Frison - Lap 8

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F2 - [France] - issam_messi99 / Jaja Frison - Lap 8 Empty F2 - [France] - issam_messi99 / Jaja Frison - Lap 8

Message par issam.messi99 le Lun 28 Oct - 17:53

League + Race : F2 Paul Ricard
Date : 24 October
Drivers involved : issam_messi99 / xeggom / Jaja Frison / Depielo
Incident description :
I was in p4 defending it against xeggom. Going with 2 in that corner
is possible but you lose speed because you cant run a ideal line.
Jaja frison didn't anticipate on the slower passage of the corner and collided
what resulted in me spinning and depielo hitting my rear wheel and yeah the rest was history.
My race was ruined after the spin. I have full confidence the stewards will be right in their decision

Video Evidence : [Vous devez être inscrit et connecté pour voir ce lien]

ps: after the race Jaja frison reached out to me and apologized. What is very nice. I would rather have
people reaching out to you after a incident then people screaming in a video and not go as adults and
talk about it after the race. Vraiment super Jaja, merci pour votre excuse après la course.

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F2 - [France] - issam_messi99 / Jaja Frison - Lap 8 Empty Re: F2 - [France] - issam_messi99 / Jaja Frison - Lap 8

Message par Commissaires VRC le Mer 6 Nov - 18:19

Après examen, les commissaires ont jugé Jaja responsable du contact causant un effet boule de neige et impliquant de multiples pilotes. Jaja recoit donc 5 secondes de pénalité pour accident responsable.

Upon investigation, the stewards judge Jaja to be responsible for the collision snowballing into a multiple drivers accident. Jaja is given a 5 seconds penalty for an at-fault accident.

Commissaires VRC

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